Students and teachers from 8 countries will work together on finding healthy alternatives to virtual lives that they experience through excessive use of internet and computer games.
They will be involved in social, cultural, community activities where they can socialize in a natural and healthy way, discovering cultural values of their own region and other cultures, learning ways to have fun that our parents used years ago. During project activities, we will meet students’ families during support group sessions and encourage them to have bonding activities together, advising them to avoid using phones/computers while talking or interacting with family members, thus providing a healthy dialogue. We’ll encourage students and their families to turn off smart phones, computers and TV for 1-2 hours during a certain day (‘devices off day’) once a week (preferably during dinner or other important time for the family) and then report how their interaction with family members changed during those hours. They can use the activities from support group sessions for that hour.
They will also experiment healthy lifestyle activities like sports, dance, cooking workshops and living in harmony with nature(using information they received during practical geography classes),will go hiking, have some orienteering activities, learning to read nature’s signs and capture its beauty in artistic photos. This way they will see life has so many opportunities and can be much more fun and exciting when lived away from computers/phones and internet as well. Knowing the importance of information and speed, provided by an internet connection, they will still be able to appreciate beautiful things in life like nature, real life friendship and many fun and healthy activities used by our parents in their teenage years.